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Photography Courses: Winter 2013 & Spring 2013

  • West Valley College – Saratoga, CA
  • Foothill College – Los Altos Hills, CA
  • Cabrillo College – Santa Cruz, CA


West Valley College – Winter & Spring

Winter (Only 3 weeks long) STARTS Jan. 2 – Jan. 24.

  • PHOTO 10 New Media and Social Change (online or in-person course)

• Transferable Elective for GE Requirement
• Satisfies West Valley College Cultural Diversity
Requirement for an Associates Degree in Arts & Sciences

Course Description:
This course investigates how web-based technologies, internet multi-media, and photography have assisted in causing social change around the world through images. Critical analysis of shifting perceptions and expectations regarding race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, cultural identity and ethnicity in contemporary web-based visual media. •Social documentary photography •Multi-media documentaries •Contemporary art photography •Ethnographic photography •Photojournalism•Social media • & Blogs in mind!

SPRING 2013 (starts Jan. 28th) –

Monday/Wednesday 10:55am-12:20




Search Schedule:


Foothill College – Los Altos Hills, CA


  • Photo 4B – Intermediate Digital Photography: Photoshop (Formerly Photo 65B)

Intermediate to the tools for expressive communication in digital photography using Adobe Photoshop. Improve your skills in image capture, enhancement, printing, for both fine art and commercial applications.2 hours lecture, 3 hours lecture-laboratory, 1.5 hours laboratory.

Tuesday & Thursday Evenings: 7pm-8:50pm & 7pm-9:50pm

  • Photo 1 – Black & White Darkroom Photography Course

Monday & Wednesdays: 1pm-2:50pm & 1pm-3:50pm


Cabrillo College – Santa Cruz, CA


  • AP 46B – Intermediate Digital Photography  (Photoshop)

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 11:15am-2:20pm