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The Documentary Portrait vs. The Outdoor Commercial Portrait Workshop: Spring 2011

PHOT078C.01 Documentary Field Study in Photography
Instructor: Lesley Louden

Foothill College –

1 unit Short Course (For Price – Go to Foothill College)

The Documentary Portrait vs. The Outdoor Commercial Portrait

©Lesley Louden for

©Lesley Louden for

In this course we will explore the creative, conceptual, and technical
differences between the documentary portrait and the outdoor commercial
portrait. We will compare and contrast the varied visual and technical
appearances of both genres of portraiture and embark upon individual
portrait projects after the lecture, discussions, and technical
demonstrations. Explorations will include the documentary portrait and
various conceptual and stylistic approaches from the past and present in
the history of photography. We will then examine attributes of the outdoor
commercial portrait approach currently popular (such as the senior
portrait, environmental portrait, wedding/bridal portrait genre). Various
equipment needs will be discussed. Bring your camera on Saturday Shooting & Demo. day ready to shoot in the afternoon!


Spring, 2011

First meeting: Wed. April 6th@ 6-7pm

Demo. Day: Saturday, April 16th- 10-5pm

Critique day: Saturday May 7th, 10am-12noon