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Evelyn: Nothing Fancy – Photo/Video Piece – Showcased on

Evelyn: Nothing Fancy by Lesley Louden

Evelyn: Nothing Fancy by Lesley Louden

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Great Post about Lenses – Which lens to use when???

What Lenses to Use When – Guest Post with Thomas Lester

San Jose Museum of Art: Hidden Gem!

Two Great Photo Exhibitions at SJMA:

by Ruth Bernhard Lifesavers, 1930

by Catherine Opie - "Melissa & Lake," Durham, North Carolina

Art Rage: Admission $5

Thurs. Nov. 4th, 6-9pm

Bring friends—and meet new ones— at this after-hours gathering. Music, performances, indie art experiences, specialty cocktails, and more make for a great opportunity to unwind after work and immerse yourself in the hypnotic lights of Leo Villareal. Ride the Juicecycle, a bicycle- powered machine for harvesting and processing produce. Juice local fruit for your own cocktail. Bring your mobile phone for a Twitter treasure hunt.

November 6, 2010

1 pm

The internationally acclaimed photographer Catherine Opie, whose work is featured in Degrees of Separation, adroitly balances the personal and the political, contemporary life and art historical precedents. Opie, a professor of photography at the university of California, Los Angeles, will discuss her provocative images and her interest in subcultures, women, and social constructs of identity. Melissa & Lake, Durham, North Carolina (1998, from the series “Domestic”) is a recent addition to SJMA’s collection.

Members $6. Non-members $10. Purchase Tickets.