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Clone Stamp Tool vs. Healing Brush – Introduction

Clone Stamp Tool vs. Healing Brush

Clone Stamp tool lets you clone exact pixels from one part of your image to cover another part of an image.

Healing Brush (not spot healing brush which does not need a a target set) clones pixels but then helps your new cloned area blend those pixels with the pixels you are cloning on top of with its surroundings.


The Clone Stamp Tool: can copy a portion of an image and reapply it repeatedly to cover an unwanted portion of the image.

The Healing Brush Tool: By sampling the surrounding area you can blend the imperfections into the rest of the image – blends pixels.

Tips for Cloning and Healing:

  • Make sure you are selected on a copy of the background layer/image layer (not an adjustment layer or dodge/burn layer) OR be sure you are selected on the layer that you want the tool to alter (can be another image layer and not just the background layer).
  • Change the size of the “Clone Stamp Tool” brush (from options bar, just like a paint brush) to be just the size of the are you are cloning and hardness should be on 0% for soft edge
  • Reset “Clone Stamp Tool” target point often
  • You can change the opacity of the cloning from the options bar for areas that don’t need 100% cloning
  • Hold down the Option Key (MAC) or Alt key (PC) to set the clone target area

View these Tutorials & Practice Clone-Stamping on faces or any other part of an image needs some retouching.

Clone Stamp Tool Tutorial

Video Clone Stamp Tool Tutorial

View these Tutorials & Practice Healing skin areas and part of image that need spotting and stamping

*not Spot Healing Brush tool but the Healing Brush

Healing Brush Tool Tutorial

Video Clone Stamp Tool Tutorial


More is More: Documentary Photography Workshop

Foothill College: PHOT-078C-01 Field Study in Photography Workshop

Winter Quarter 2010 – SF Bay Area Documentary Photography Workshop

Photograph by Lesley Louden - Botswana, Africa

In this course we will complete the documentary photographic process by seeing a project through from start to finish. Pre-production, shooting, editing, caption writing, and short statement writing will all be completed on a smaller scale project in this short course. We will be photographing events and building stories. The first event will get our feet wet and give us focus through a defined process discussed in-class. Learning from our first real photographic event will constructively prepare us for our final workshop project. Workshop meetings will include activities around the process of editing (choosing images to be included in the final series) as well as how to write captions and bring clarity to your docu-project through the pairing of words and images.


ORIENTATION: Tuesday, January 5th from 6-7pm in Room 6107 @ Foothill College (You must attend this orientation OR connect with Lesley Louden for registration.

• WORKSHOP DAY: Critique, Editing, Caption Writing, & Statement Writing

Saturday, January, 30th, 10am-2pm, Foothill College, Room 6107


Chinese New Year Mini-Parade & Flower Fair

Saturday, Feb. 6th – 8am-3pm – Parade Start Time -10:30 A.M

Chinatown, San Francisco    -The mini parade route begins on California Street and Grant Avenue and ends at the stage on Jackson Street and Grant Avenue. Lion dancing, Chinese giant puppets elaborately costumed and Chinese deities will be in Chinatown to help kick off the new year

Critique: TBA

January 2010 Field Studies: Night Photography Workshop

Winter Field Studies in Photography – 1unit

Night Images from Mare Island Shipyard by Past Student Leonard Greenwald

by Lenny Greenwald

by Lenny Greenwald - Mare Island Naval Ship Yard Power Plant Smoke Stack (Ektachrome 64T EPY64)

January 2010
West Valley College – Weekend Workshop
Instructor: Lesley Louden

Winter Schedule: Photography> Field Studies > 45A

Night Photography!

Capture Star Trails, A Bold Blue Sky, & Paint with Light


Friday Jan. 15th – Intro. Meeting • 6-8pm – ROOM: LA43

Saturday Jan. 16th – Moffett Field Shoot • 4pm – 11pm

Sunday Jan. 17th – North Beach Shoot • 4pm – 11pm

Optional: Photoshop Workflow Assistance w/ Night Images: ROOM: LA43, Tues., January 19th, 5pm-6:10pm  & Wed., January 20th, 5pm-6:30pm

CRITIQUE: Wednesday, January 27th 6pm-9pm – RM LA43