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Upcoming Photo Courses • Winter & Spring 2012

from "Time F(r)amed" Series by Lesley Louden


  • PHOT 78 – Workshop – A Document with Impact: The Large-Scale Digital Photographic Print (1 unit) – SPRING (May)
  • PHOT 65B – Intermediate Digital Photography (TUES/THURS. EVENINGS – WINTER QUARTER)
  • PHOT 78 – Workshop – The Portrait: Environmental, Documentary, & Posed (1 unit) – WINTER

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  • PHOTO 10 – New Media & Social Change (MON/WED. 12NOON – SPRING SEMESTER)
  • PHOTO 1 LAB – Darkroom & Digital B&W (MON. 2PM – SPRING SEMESTER)



  • 46B – Intermediate Digital Photography (TUES/THURS. 11AM – SPRING SEMESTER)


  • Intermediate Digital Photography

This lab/lecture course is an intermediate digital photography course building on the skills acquired in the introductory course. We will have technical exercises and creative projects.

Topics to be covered:

Color Management and Workflow for the Digital Photographic Artist & Photographer (Getting the print results you want from the lab and from our High-Quality Epson Printers)

Portfolio Creation of a Body of Work from Start to Finish!

Editing & Sequencing a Series of Images

RAW Workflow with Photoshop & Volume Photo-Editing (Tricks for Local Adjustment Tools)

– More Advanced Image Manipulation & Compositing utilizing the Pen Tool & Paths/Vector Masks (You’ll become a Pro at Selections)

– Fine Art Pigment Paper Comparison & Larger Paper Sizes (Which papers look great for B&W, skintones & Portraits etc…)

Advanced Retouching for Portraits

– Digital Night Photography – Equipment, Setup, Shooting, & Special Editing Techniques

– Discussions on  the use of Digital Imaging in Contemporary Art & Professional Practice