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PHOT78 • The Portrait: Environmental, Documentary, & Posed Commercial Workshop

PHOT078 – Documentary Field Study in Photography
Instructor: Lesley Louden

Foothill College –

1 unit Short Course (For Price – Go to Foothill College)

WINTER 2012 – Starts in JANUARY

The Portrait WorkshopExtendedEnvironmental vs. Commercial Posed vs. Documentary

Photography by Lesley Louden for http://www.Les&

Photography by Lesley Louden in Lesotho

In this course we will explore the creative, conceptual, and technical differences between the documentary portrait, the outdoor commercial portrait, and the environmental portrait.  We will compare and contrast the varied visual and technical appearances of these genres of portraiture and embark upon individual portrait projects after the lecture, discussions, and demos.  Explorations will include the documentary portrait and various conceptual and stylistic approaches from the past and present in the history of photography as well as documentary ethics.  The environmental portrait will also be approached with many examples from history. We will then examine attributes of the outdoor commercial portrait approach currently popular (such as the senior portrait, family portrait, wedding/bridal portrait genre).  Various equipment needs and techniques will be discussed and applied.


•Tuesday Jan. 10, 6-7pm – Workshop Introduction & First Assignment

Saturday-Jan. 21, 10am-6pm  – Commercial/Outdoor Portrait, Environmental, & Documentary Introduction-Demonstration + Shooting

Saturday Feb. 25, 1pm-6pm – In-Progress Critique of Commercial/Outdoor Portrait, Environmental Portrait, & Documentary Portrait + Photoshop Portrait        Retouching Demo. (& available online) + (San Jose Vietnamese Spring Parade for Possible Documentary Portrait Practice – once date for 2012 is released)

•Monday, March 26th 6-9pm – Final Critique (Final Revised Commercial/Outdoor Portrait, Documentary Portrait, & Environmental Portrait)

Photography by Will Chan