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Photo 78C• A Color Document with Impact: The Field to Large-Scale Digital Photographic Print

A Color Document with Impact:  From the Field to Large-Scale Digital Photographic Print

1 unit Short Course • Weekend Workshop (For Price – Go to Foothill College)

PHOT078C– Documentary Field Study in Photography
Instructor: Lesley Louden

*This class is a nice supplement to and complement of PHOT65A, 65B, 65C (Digital Photography/Photoshop), & Photo 72 (Digital Camera Technique/Lightroom) – Click here for Foothill Photography Course Schedule

Foothill College –


Schedule & Meeting Times:

(If you can’t make 1-2 of the workshop days, please email me to let me know)

MEETING #1 & #2:

10AM-2PM – SATURDAY, APRIL 14TH, 2012- Room 6107

10AM-2PM – SUNDAY, APRIL 15TH, 2012 – Idea Lab

MEETING #3 & #4:

10AM-2PM– SATURDAY, MAY 5TH, 2012– Idea Lab

10AM-2PM – SUNDAY, MAY 6TH, 2012 – Idea Lab

MEETING #5 & #6:

10AM-2PM – SATURDAY, MAY 12TH, 2012– Idea Lab

10AM-2PM – SUNDAY, MAY 13TH, 2012 – Room 6107 (Final Critique)

by Lesley Louden

by Lesley Louden

In this workshop we will examine camera calibration in the field for documentary purposes, white balance tricks for in the field purposes (for less post-processing), field steps achieving proper large prints (upscaling issues) for photographic purposes, and then we will do demos/lectures on print large-scale documentary digital photographic prints on some of the finest inkjet papers in the market. Hands-on demonstrations will make up the entire course with lectures and field demonstrations. Paper samples will be shared and examined for printing various subject matter. You will leave the course with large scale color digital pigment prints on 11×17, 13×19, & 17×22 paper printed on our large-format pigment Epson printers using images that you created in the field. This course is for anyone who has wanted to take a color photographic image (digital or scanned film) from an in the field start to finish, realized in the beautiful large print.