Spring 2010 Photography Workshop: “This American Life: Audio and Still-Photo Story”

PHOT-078B-01 – Foothill College

“This American Life: Audio and Still-Photo Story”

Digital Photography Experience, 65A (or equivalent)– Strongly Recommended

Photograph by Lesley Louden, Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

Photograph by Lesley Louden, Santa Cruz Mountains, CA















In this course, each student will find an interesting aspect to a person’s life to photographically document. Students will then write and record an audio narration to accompany the series of images. One instruction day will focus on how to build a series of images about one aspect of your subject’s life as well as how to write a narration. Then students will independently document their subjects and sequence the images as the foundation for assisting you in the writing of your narration. We will then record the narration at Foothill. The narration will be incorporated with the photographic series as a short audio-visual slideshow!


ORIENTATION: Monday, April 12th – 6-7pm in Room 6107 @ Foothill College
(You must attend this orientation OR connect with Lesley Louden)

Workshop Day:
Saturday, April 24th – 10am – 3pm – Instruction on building photo-story about subject and audio introduction & narration writing in Room 6107 from10-12noon. Then, Software instruction in Idea Lab 12noon-3pm.

* Sign-Up for Independent Audio Recording Times

Final Workshop Day:
Saturday, May 8th – 8am – 4pm – Final Construction of Photo-Audio Piece in Idea Lab


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