SPE West – Conference & Student Scholarship

Society for Photographic Education West Conference

“UnConference” & Retreat Document and Identity

Dec. 4-6th, 2009 – Evergreen Conference Center (ECCO) Oakhurst, CA

KEYNOTE: Catherine Opie
Robbert Flick

Catherine Opie

STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP call for entries: Winners will receive free admission and a weekend stay at 2009 West Regional “unConference” and retreat. Transportation to and from the retreat is not included.

To apply please submit the following by email:

1. In the body of an email list Your Name/ Category-Grad/Undergrad/ Your School/ email address/telephone number

In addition, include with the same email the following attachments.
2. Two to three paragraphs speaking about your current work and what your photographic ambitions are for the future.
3. One letter of reference from a school professor.
4. Five .jpg images of current work.

All documents (except images) must be delivered as PDF file attachments and be included with the original email submission.
Incomplete submissions will be disqualified. (Do not send multiple emails with various attachments – Only one email submission per student.) Incomplete submissions will be disqualified. Send submissions to Spestudent@earthlink.net

* The Evergreen Conference Center (ECCO) hosts groups of all types including University Arts Festivals. SPE WEST is not affiliated with any religious organizations.


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