Fall 2009 Louden Photo-Classes

Louden Fall Photography Courses:

Foothill College & West Valley College

Black matte board, yuck!

Photo-Critique 🙂

West Valley College, Saratoga, CA


Photo I. Lab – B&W manual film camera & digital SLR camera operation.  B&W film development, darkroom, and digital B&W printing w/ our Epson 4800.  This a great foundation class and is a must take!!!

M-TH, 2pm-5pm

Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA


*** Most courses are repeatable six times.  Please discuss repeat options with me if you are interested in repeating a course but furthering your abilities by developing a more in-depth project or portfolio.  Sign-Up now to reserve your spot!


Photojournalism/ Documentary Photo-Course – Photo 63
Tues. 7-9PM/Wed. 7-9:50PM – Co-Taught By: Louden & Keith Lee

Learn to tell a documentary story in photographs. 

Instruction in basic skills needed for effective online and print photography for use in newspapers, magazines, web journals and blogs with emphasis on developing appropriate behavior and craft needed in meeting deadlines for photojournalistic publication. Assignments include news photographs, human interest and feature pictures, and the picture story. Special emphasis on print quality, picture editing, layout design, image content and captioning. Introduction to digital capture, preparation of files and transmittal of photographs, and video and sound recording techniques.

Introduction to Digital Photography- Photo 65A.03
Mon. & Wed.  7pm-9pm & 7pm-10pm
-Using computers both nights.  –Can use your own laptop too or our computers!

I sometimes hear people say, digital is easy!  Many of you would agree with me when I say “What, are you kidding? Digital exposure and photoshop can be a beast to conquer.”

Join us for this course and you WILL overcome digital disasters and have skills that make your friends envious!

•Learn proper exposure for digital photography
•Photograph in Camera RAW & JPEG
•Manage your files utilizing Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop CS3
•Learn about Camera RAW conversion
•See what contemporary photographers are doing with digital photography & photoshop
•Retouch photographs, collage photographs, learn special dodging & burning techniques, create diptychs, panoramas, & much, much more…
In this course we hit the ground running and have a lot of fun!


Scanning Workshop – Short Weekend Course – Photo 68.B. 01
Slides and Negative Film Scanner with Hasselblad X5 Scanner



• This workshop will explore the various options for scanning your film utilizing Foothill’s new Hasselblad/Flextight X5 Scanner.
•Scanning topics discussed will include achieving the highest quality scan utilizing the best possible format for your work.

NOTE: Students may only use the X5 professional-level scanner after completing this training class. You will then have the ability to use the scanner in the future as long as you are enrolled in a photography course (even a 1 unit workshop) and are signed up for a 1/2 unit of 1 unit darkroom credit (PHOT180 OR PHOT180X).

Orientation Meeting: Monday, Sept. 28th @ 6PM – 7PM, Room 6107
Workshop Day:  Saturday, Oct. 3rd @ 10AM-5PM – in Room 6107
(You are able to enroll in both this workshop & the night photo)
Independent Scanning Times: TBD day of workshop

*If you can’t attend these meeting times and would still like to participate, please email me.


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